We’re passionate about making artisanal natural ice creams and sorbets and related foodstuffs like toppings, inclusions, and waffle cones.

"Superpremium" because they're made with an extra lot of milk and cream.

In our Cambridgeshire-based facility we make almost everything from scratch using natural ingredients, aiming to have fun along the way. We don't use whey, skimmed milk powder, or syrups or incorporate a lot of air. This is the real deal!

We use lots of fresh local raspberries in our raspberry sorbet.

We use lots of fresh local raspberries in our raspberry sorbet.

We're not following any crowd, but scooping a niche of our own for discerning palates who also appreciate our environmental and social commitments.  Part of our mission is not only to make outstanding classic ice creams and sorbets where one's tongue need not go on a "search and find" mission to detect flavour, but to explore making new flavour pairings that might never be as popular as our top sellers, but nevertheless satisfy the adventurous and discerning palate seeking something more unusual. 

We distinguish our ice creams and sorbets with a very dense, creamy, and rich mouthfeel and handmade inclusions that complement background flavours to help highlight rather than confuse the flavour pairing. And we make our own waffle cones and cups to pair with our fresh ice creams and sorbets.

We strive to incorporate excellent quality natural ingredients (responsibly sourced from local farms and gardens when they're at their flavour peak) as we lovingly handcraft our products in small, flavourful batches.  This means some of our ingredients are seasonal and some of our flavours are seasonal.

We also care about the impact we have on our environment and contributing positively to our communities.  This doesn't mean we're all "tree huggers," but it does mean that in addition to caring about the provenance of our ingredients, we're striving to make our processes less wasteful, to purchase energy from producers with a "green" production component, and to use cups, containers, and spoons that are biocompostable or aren't discarded into the waste stream.  Our community donations programme is growing and to date it's been focused on care homes;  as our business grows, we hope to expand this to include child hospices.

And last but not least a mention about caring for those who are helping to make SPOONSTRUCK the success we are.  When we hire, we look not only to hire, but to retain hardworking, capable, and well-rounded people who are passionate about helping create excellent products, have a can-do attitude, and care about our multi-faceted goals.  In addition to striving to be a well-run company with an enjoyable and diverse working environment, we aim to share our success with our team:  Like caring about the various facets of our mission, we believe that “giving back” also means caring for those who’ve helped make us what we are today.

We invite you to stop by and sample some of our many flavours to taste for yourself. If you're already a fan, thanks for your continuing support! 

Globally inspired. Responsibly sourced. Passionately crafted.