Start young with excellent ice cream!

Start young with excellent ice cream!

Debunking a myth :   People living in cold climes DO eat a lot of ice cream...

Debunking a myth: People living in cold climes DO eat a lot of ice cream...

The short version in a scoop:

Started young, much practise.

The longer version: 

SPOONSTRUCK took its early roots when one of our founders helped make some fabulous fresh peach ice cream at summer camp.  We’ve eaten lots of ice cream worldwide since then and remain passionate about scrumptiously good ice cream.  We're matching our passions with our careers as well as bringing together our various experiences and interests in business, the environment and materials sustainability, and “giving back.” 

Having tasted much mediocre ice cream in the UK over the years, we wondered, “Very good milk, ergo why not good ice cream?”  If it were too cold, why do Finland, Boston, and the North Central U.S. – all a lot colder than the UK -  boast much higher ice cream consumption per capita?  Was it because most of the "ice cream" made in the UK contains a lot of air and no milk or milk products – in part a practise left over from World War II?  Maybe people weren’t demanding the real stuff because they’d never eaten the real stuff.  No wonder consumption was lower than in much colder places!

We want to help change this.

So we gathered our business partners, ditched "corporate," worked in commercial kitchens, finetuned recipes, and started selling at a very small market to gauge customer response.  The rest is history.

Visit us where we scoop (WHERE TO BUY) to taste for free.  You can walk away without purchasing anything, but at least you'll know there CAN be really good ice cream - we reckon some of the best - in the UK.  And it's not that far away.